Our Mission

We will improve Memphis, TN and its surrounding municipalities by being active stewards in our schools, churches, civic affairs, and local businesses. Leveraging the benefits of aligning highly motivated individuals with like attainment and similar ideas, we will successfully enhance and protect Omega’s rich heritage.

Considering the aforementioned we are a chapter:

  • Focused on increasing membership through reclamation not recruitment
  • Dedicated to embracing our undergraduate brothers and providing uplift through active mentoring and partnership
  • That recognizes that Shelby County has infinite need for positive Men who understand, have displayed, and embody the true Omega spirit
  • Believes in the concept of “Economic Development leading to Social and Political Change”
  • Dedicated to the advancement of the four cardinal principles in fraternal activities and community endeavors
  • Accountable for upholding our full duty as members in this fraternity
  • Determined to making the impact and presence of Omega Psi Phi fraternity realized, welcomed, desired, and appreciated in the Memphis and Shelby County Area

To facilitate our work in the community, our operations are directed by a eight person leadership team and driven by eight committee chairmen. Each Chapter member, including the leadership team, works on at least one of the Chapter’s committees.


Basileus David Bland
Vice Basileus Jarrett Parks
Keeper of Records and Seal DeSean Grayson
Keeper of Finance Archie Williams
Chaplain Frederick Dunn
Keeper of Peace Jeremy Crowder
Chapter Reporter Kaime Gadson


Budget and Finance
Social Action
History and Archives
Undergraduate Liasion
Fundraising and Hospitality
Media and Public Relations

“Owtstanding” SLL